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Getting a Detailed Understanding of 1st PUC Electronics Chapters

There are immeasurable and immense benefits to following the 1st PUC electronics syllabus. The syllabus includes exact topics and chapters prescribed for the PCME subjects in the 1st PUC Karnataka Board Examination. Having a clear understanding of the syllabus is very important for the students to start early preparation for the board examination.

Introduction to 1st PUC Electronics

Electronics subject in 11th PCME is a powerhouse of several technological advancements. The PUC electronics syllabus has been specifically designed for Karnataka State Board students of 1st PUC year. The syllabus aligns with prescribed textbooks and curriculum to ensure the students perform well at the board examinations. PCME syllabus for electronics includes nine chapters in complete detail. The chapters have been broken into several modules to help students gain mastery of the subject.

KSEEB 1st PUC Electronics Syllabus 2022-23


Department of Pre-University, Karnataka Government implements 1st PUC education in the state. The department functions under the Department of Primary & Secondary Education and offers courses in the Arts, Science and Commerce categories. There are a total of 23 subjects, 11 languages and 50 combinations in the PUC curriculum.

The department is also responsible for releasing the syllabus along with the syllabus of the other subjects for the students to go through. The PUC syllabus for Karnataka Board Examinations has been reduced by 30% and is available for download in PDF format.

Suppose you are a student of the 1st PUC in Karnataka. In that case, you need to refer to the electronics syllabus for the 1st PUC in Karnataka for better preparation for the examination. The syllabus for electronics subject in 11th covers important topics, exam patterns and marking patterns. Going through the syllabus will acquaint you with the structure of the electronics paper and topic-wise marks distribution. You must buck up and complete the syllabus early to score well in the examination. The syllabus will also help you plan strategically for the Karnataka PUC exam preparation.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Karnataka Class 11 2022-23 reduced syllabus for electronics now at

1st PUC electronics syllabus goes like this:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Electronics Quick Test

  • Chapter 2: Principles of Electricity Quick Test

  • Chapter 3: Measuring Instruments Quick Test

  • Chapter 4: Passive Electronic Components Quick Test

  • Chapter-5: Application of AC and DC to Passive Components Quick Test

  • Chapter-6: Semiconductors Devices and Circuits Quick Test

  • Chapter 7: Bipolar Junction Transistor Quick Test

  • Chapter 8: Introduction to Digital Electronics Quick Test

  • Chapter 9: Practical Electronics Components, Their Specifications and PCB

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