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8 Best Tips to Crack CET

CET, or Common Entrance Test, is a state-level entrance examination set to be conducted on March 9th and 10th, 2024. All students seeking admission to MBA/MMS programs in Maharashtra must undertake CET with complete hard work and determination. Preparing for CET can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you have little time left to complete the exam preparation.

This high credibility examination makes it crucial for candidates to score well to secure their seats for admission at various colleges across Maharashtra. Still, the key to this is proper preparation.

Students who want to polish their preparations must know the tips for the CET exam to emerge successful. Working on the tips to clear the CET examination involves knowing the major strategies and techniques that must be followed without losing focus. Read on to learn the most important tricks and tips to help you prepare for CET and clear the exam with flying colours.

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

One of the most important tips and tricks for the CET Exam is to clearly understand the examination pattern instead of moving straight to the preparation. You must know the complete details of the exam, starting from the number of questions you must answer, total sections and time duration to the marking scheme and sectional limit. Knowing the examination pattern is the primary step for candidates and lays down the foundation for their CET preparation. As for the CET 2024 examination pattern, the particulars are as follows:

  • Mode of Examination: Computer-based test, online
  • Number of Sections: Section 1 consists of questions from Chemistry and Physics, and Section 2 features Mathematics questions.
  • Exam Duration: 180 minutes, 90 minutes for each question.
  • Question Type: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number of Questions: 150, 50 questions for each subject
  • Total Marks: 200; each section 100 marks
  • Exam Language: Chemistry and Physics are in Marathi/English/Urdu, and the Mathematics section is in English only.
  • Marking Scheme: In the Chemistry and Physics sections, 1 mark is for every right answer, and students get 2 marks for every correct answer in Mathematics.
  • There’s no negative marking in the examination.

2. Study from Good Study Material

Access to proper study material is key to success in the CET examination. Once you know the CET exam syllabus, look for NCERT and other CET examination preparation books from some of the most famous authors. Make sure the books cover the entire CET syllabus and help you understand the concepts of topics in each section. Besides good-quality study material, students can join social study groups on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook for top-notch CET exam preparation.

3. Learn More Shortcut Tricks for All Sections

As for all important examinations, you must know the shortcut tricks that can help you prepare for the exam, cover all topics, and undertake the examination easily. Get used to mental calculations as much as you can with cubes, tables, and squares.

Work on decimal fractions, percentages, and approximations to improve performance. Try improving your vocabulary by reading books and newspapers and browsing the dictionary regularly. Find new words daily, use them in appropriate places, and ensure you have an eye on your mistakes. Once you know the areas where you are making major mistakes, try finding shortcuts to fix them.

4. Make Your Study Plan

Making a study plan can help you allot proper time to prepare for different sections of the examination, thus saving you from the hassle of last-minute preparations. Make it a habit to solve examination questions for half an hour daily. This way, you can gain the speed and patience needed to excel in the examination by answering all questions within 150 minutes of the final test. Do not procrastinate, as this may delay your study plan. Instead, keep practising as much as possible, as more practice will prepare you to solve all issues and ensure you clearly understand all topics in the examination.

5. Devote Time for Every Section Daily

This is where you need to use your time management skills. Divide the entire exam syllabus into sections and allot equal time to prepare for each section. This can help you attempt all questions in the examination within the time restriction of 150 minutes. But in doing so, ensure that your accuracy in solving the questions is not impacted. Go for a day-wise revision plan to cover each section of the CET syllabus to score well in the final paper. Devote sufficient time to revise all concepts and topics covered in the CET examination, and keep checking the notes you may have made earlier to get positive results.

6. Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses

This is one of the most significant tips for CET exam preparation. Since CET is a time-based examination, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you devote a specific amount of time to areas where you lag. This way, you can save substantial time during CET exam preparation, where you do not end up allotting time to prepare for areas you are adept at. It is imperative to know your weaknesses, work on them, and transform them into your strengths to get right on top in the race for success in the CET examination. Adhere to timely revisions and practice sub-topics and subjects covered in the examination as often as possible.

7. Make Your Strategy

Come up with your way of solving the questions in every section. Allot proper time to complete each section while being consistent in your preparation. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on them and make them your most important tools for gaining CET examination success. Considering that you need to answer 200 questions in 150 minutes, making short notes for every section is one of the best strategies you can employ to crack the examination. Besides this, you can use your other strategies during the mock tests to check the areas where you have improved and those that require further improvement.

8. Practice Mocks

Line up all mock tests that can help you gain the speed required to solve questions in the CET examination. Remember, the examination is a test of accuracy and speed, and practising mock tests on a large scale can help you crack the examination without much effort. Mock tests will also give you a clear understanding of the actual exam, thus creating the ideal environment for you to undertake the examination. The results of the mock tests will give you an idea of your preparation level so you can work on the areas you are lagging and enhance your score.

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