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Best CET Preparation Books

Aspirants preparing for the CET or Common Entrance Test must refer to the best study materials and resources for exam success. The best books for CET preparation offer the candidates a clear understanding of the sections and subjects, helping them clear their basics and thoroughly examine the examination pattern.

Since many books are available for CET preparation, choosing those that feature solved papers and mocks and explaining basic concepts and questions with variable difficulty is crucial.

Moreover, the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test is one of India's most popular entrance examinations for admission into engineering courses. Every year, 4 to 5 lakh candidates appear for the exam, so competition is too high.

Therefore, candidates looking to secure good rankings in the examination must refer to the best CET exam preparation books and their 10+2 books. Read on to learn about the books that can help you with effective exam preparation, which experts in the field duly recommend. 

Subject-Wise Best Books

Since competition is too high, candidates must be prepared for CET. Be motivated, and use the best CET books with subject guides, along with their 10+2 books, to perform well. Recommended textbooks to prepare for different subjects covered in the examination are as follows:

Best Chemistry Books for CET Preparation

  • MHT CET Triumph Chemistry (Target Publication)
  • NCERT Class 11 and 12 Text Book
  • Marvel Chemistry for MHT CET by Mayur Mehta, Chitra Joshi, Rekha Diwekar
  • Complete Reference Manual MH-CET Chemistry (Arihant Publication)
  • MHT CET Chemistry by Arihant Publishers
  • Chemistry for MHT CET (MCQ) by Mayur Mehta and Chitra Joshi (Marvel Publication)

Best Physics Books for CET Preparation

  • MHT CET Physics by AJ Bapat (Marvel Publication)
  • NCERT Textbook for classes 11 and 12
  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma – Volumes 1 and 2
  • MCQ Physics for MHT CET by A J Bapat (Marvel Publication)
  • Complete Reference Manual MH-CET Physics M.K. Dikshit (Arihant Publication)

Best Mathematics Books for CET Preparation

  • NCERT Text Books for Class 11 and 12
  • MCQ Mathematics for MHT CET by Hemant G. Ainapure (Marvel Publication)
  • Complete Reference Manual MH-CET Mathematics by Sushil Verma (Arihant Publication)

Reference Books for In-Depth Study

It is crucial to have the right CET exam book for CET preparation and refer to other materials to understand concepts better. These advanced study resources analyse topics in detail, helping candidates prepare well and be ready for all kinds of questions. Some well-known reference books for CET preparation include:

  • Mathematics by R.D. Sharma

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma

  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd

Besides these, students can choose reference books based on their understanding and difficulty level in the examination. Some other important books for reference are:

  • MHT-CET PCM Online Tests Series

  • MHT-CET Engineering Entrance Exam

  • 24 Practice Sets MH CET

  • Complete Reference Manual MH-CET

When choosing the best books, consider the following factors:

  • Ensure your books are of the latest edition and feature updated content and information according to the prescribed latest CET syllabus.

  • Choose books that cover all the major and minor aspects of the CET syllabus 2024.

  • Choose easily comprehensible books.

·Make it a point to go for CET books with previous years’ question papers and sample papers required to practice for the entrance examination. You can also go for score booster books in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, with each subject featuring more than 1000 MCQs and complete syllabus tests with detailed solutions and study plans. Ensure these books also provide important formulae, results, and shortcuts.

Research the books extensively before purchasing them. Go through their index to understand whether they are consistent with the syllabus requirements for the subject you want to prepare.

Question Banks and Previous Years’ Papers

Solving past papers and question banks can help with maximum exam practice, giving candidates a clear understanding of the examination’s difficulty level. These can help you practice questions based on the subject-wise weightage of the topics. Experts also recommended taking mock tests to understand the examination pattern and environment so you do not become nervous on the examination day. Practise questions, solve previous years’ test papers, and take mock tests. Besides understanding exam patterns and difficulty levels, candidates can gauge their preparation level and identify the areas where they need to focus more.

Solving the questions in the mock tests and papers from previous years can help candidates understand the common mistakes they are making and find solutions within the remaining time. This can also improve their problem-solving and time-management skills. Featuring quick reviews with flow charts and perfectly aligned with the latest syllabus, question banks are your go-to resource for CET preparation, offering a clear roadmap to success. Enhance your study efficiency with these tools that facilitate CET preparation like never before.

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the CET examination with question banks for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry specifically designed to evaluate your exam readiness. Question banks make ideal CET preparation books because they feature a huge collection of MCQs covering varied topics and also strengthen your conceptual understanding with different topic tests designed for strong concept building. You can also find model tests in these books that can help you analyse your strengths and weakness, thus helping you refine your examination strategy.

However, when choosing books with previous years’ papers and question banks, look for those that include several years' actual CET questions categorized topic-wise, alongside detailed solutions, shortcut methods, and tricks.

Online Resources

You can enhance your preparation with reliable digital materials like exhaustive eBooks on crucial topics. These digital resources cover all important shortcuts and concepts to answer tricky CET questions. They also feature a good set of practice questions that can help you monitor your progress.

These eBooks also guide you in your study plan and CET exam strategy. Besides these, access different apps specifically designed for students preparing for the CET examination. These apps include the test series for the examination that you can attempt from home. As a student preparing for CET, you can get comprehensive solutions and instant feedback from these apps.

Different online study platforms, like coaching centres offering courses for CET preparation, can also serve as all-inclusive study material. They offer video lectures, doubt-solving sessions, and other useful interactive features that can make learning effective and engaging.


Try making the most effective use of CET preparation books by allotting your time equally to cover different sections and topics. Employ effective study strategies, like cross-checking answers in the books with those you provide when solving previous years’ question papers. For further guidance, contact Giraffe Learning. It is your ultimate partner for CET preparation, offering top-quality coaching through its qualified and experienced teachers from IIM, Bangalore, and IIT, Kharagpur. 

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