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KCET Preparation Tips

The KEA, or Karnataka Examination Authority, conducts the KCET examination under the purview of Karnataka University in offline mode. KCET is a state-level examination gateway for all those candidates looking for admission into different colleges providing engineering courses.

All candidates seeking to appear for the KCET Examination need to gear up their preparations to ace the examination with flying colours. One of the most important purposes this examination serves is to help students get admission into various courses, such as medical, engineering, architecture, dental, and many more. KCET preparation tips can help you crack the examination and open up new scopes of career advancement.

According to KCET preparation tips, candidates should be fully aware of the examination syllabus and pattern. This can help them create an effective and well-structured study plan. Candidates must also solve the previous year's mock tests and question papers to improve their preparation.

About KCET and the Importance of Right Preparation for the Examination

KCET, or the Karnataka Common Entrance Test, helps candidates secure admissions into different BTech (Agriculture Engineering) and BSc/BPharm (Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture, and Veterinary Science) courses. It consists of 4 papers: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. As per the previous years' trends, each examination paper consists of 60 questions with one mark for right answers and no negative marking.

It is to be noted that the competition is tough in this field, and candidates need quality KCET preparation to crack the examination. There are different ways for a candidate to prepare for the exam, but it is sheer determination and hard work on the candidate's part that counts. You can also find the best KCET coaching centre in Bangalore that guides candidates and offers them the tips and tricks they need to follow to qualify for the examination. Nevertheless, on the part of the candidates, self-study is as important as coaching coupled with the right approach towards preparing for the KCET Examination. The right attitude and smart planning can help you ace the KCET Examination and secure the best results. Here's a complete study plan on the right way to crack KCET, along with some of the best KCET preparation tips that will help you score well in the examination.

Be Thorough With the KCET Syllabus

One of the most basic and important steps that you need to follow when looking to crack the KCET examination is being thorough with the examination syllabus. The examination syllabus consists of important topics to be covered when preparing for the exam. A clear understanding of the KCET syllabus and chapter-wise weightage can help you perform well in the examination. The KCET syllabus is prescribed by the Department of Pre-University Education of Karnataka and is the same as the 1st and 2nd years of the Pre-University Courses. The KCET examination syllabus covers topics from all four subjects, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Be aware of some of the most important topics covered in the KCET syllabus. These include:




  • Laws of Motion

  • Motion Plane

  • Current Electricity

  • Wave Optics


  • Animal Kingdom

  • Cell

  • Mineral Nutrition

  • Transport in Plants


  • Chemical Kinematics

  • Block Elements

  • Structure of Atom

  • Equilibrium


  • Statistics

  • Geometry

  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Linear programming

While covering the entire exam syllabus is critical, paying attention to some of the most important topics is always very helpful. But to get a clear understanding of the exam's most important topics, you need to go through the KCET old question papers and find out the number of times certain topics have appeared in the exam. Since the topics that appear commonly have more weightage in the examination, focusing on those particular topics can help candidates score very well and secure better results.

Know the KCE Exam Pattern

It is also advisable for candidates to be well-acquainted with the KCET Examination pattern, so they are more effective with their preparations. The examination pattern will give you an idea of the mode of examination, the subjects, the duration, the marking scheme and the questions asked in the sections of the KCET question paper. Details of the KCET Examination pattern include:

  • Number of Sections or Papers: Three- Chemistry, Physics and Biology/Mathematics

  • Paper Language: Kannada and English

  • Duration of the Exam: 1 hour 20 minutes per paper

  • Biology or Mathematics Number of Questions: 60

  • Physics Number of Questions: 60

  • Chemistry Number of Questions: 60

  • Question Type: Objective Type Questions and Multiple Choice Questions

Come Up With a Study Plan

Coming up with a very well-strategised study plan is one of the most crucial KCET preparation tips that will help you crack the examination. You must create a study plan to help you prepare for short-term and long-term objectives. One of the greatest benefits of devising a proper study plan is that it will help you streamline the exam preparation procedure and even help you evaluate your performance based on your progress. Experts recommend starting with the exam preparation early, as this will give you sufficient time to be attentive to all the chapters in the KCET syllabus.

Revise Regularly

Without a doubt, regular and timely revision of all the chapters and topics of the KCET syllabus is one of the best KCET preparation tips. At times, you will likely lose hold of a few specific chapters because of the lack of proper and regular revision. However, you can avoid such things by revising all the chapters promptly. Revising the short notes, you make while preparing for KCET will make it easier for you to complete all the chapters in the examination syllabus.

Keep All Facts Clear

You must have clear facts, so there are no scopes of doubt anywhere. If there are certain doubts in your mind, make the right efforts to clear them. Otherwise, getting a clear idea of the concepts for the KCET Examination becomes difficult. Clearing all your doubts with the help of experts, tutors, and teachers will help you perform very well in the KCET Examination.

Solve Previous Years' Mock Tests and Papers

Ask any competitive exam topper, and they will tell you how important it is to solve previous years' sample papers and mock tests. This is one of the best KCET preparation tips to ace the examination with great scores. Solving previous years' KCET question papers and mock tests will help you get the real-day exam feeling. It will also help you eliminate last-minute surprises that come on exam day, especially for candidates who do not prepare thoroughly for the examination. Solving the mock tests and old sample papers will also help you get a clear idea of the type of questions you must prepare, along with the marking scheme. You can also compile your list of important KCET topics based on the previous year's sample papers available for KCET preparation.

Time Management Is Very Important

Proper time management plays a significant role in devising the right study plan to crack the KCET Examination. Proper time management means allotting equal time to all the concepts and topics in the KCET syllabus. It is also important for candidates to devote proper time to solving the sample papers and mock tests and separate time to revise the topics they have already studied.

For proper time management, devise a timetable that you can follow daily. Avoid wasting your time by going through unnecessary concepts and topics or the topics with less weightage. But that does not mean you must devote yourself completely to studies only. You can still go for a movie break or listen to your favourite songs to unwind from time to time. In your study timetable, include time to review already studied topics. While revising, make it a point to make notes of the portions you are weak in or the ones you tend to forget repeatedly. It is also important for you to be thorough with your 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks. Going through these books will help you understand basic theories and their applications. Instead of mugging up things, it would be better to go through the NCERT books.

Be Confident

One of the most effective and useful KCET preparation tips is to be utterly confident about your preparation. Do not procrastinate on useless things like the difficulty level of the examination or the huge syllabus. Instead, avoid all negative thoughts and keep preparing yourself for the best without losing hope. Only hard work and wise preparation can help you achieve a good ranking in the KCET Examination.


  1. How do you score 150 in KCET?

If you want to score 150 in KCET, the very first thing that you must do is prioritise the most important KCET topics. Next, you need to be very clear with the concepts and the syllabus and even get proper expert guidance from time to time.

  1. How can I prepare for KCET in 20 days?

Speed is the key when you want to prepare for KCET in just 20 days. Practice is very important to develop the speed you need to prepare for KCET in 20 days. First of all, choose the right study materials and look for expert guidance at the same time. 

  1. Is KCET very difficult?

If you go by what the experts say, KCET is not very difficult, provided you prepare thoroughly for the examination.

  1. Is NCERT sufficient for KCET?

Yes, NCERT is sufficient for KCET because the syllabus in regards to concepts taught in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics in NCERT is the same for KCET.

  1. What are passing marks in KCET?

The passing marks in KCET are 45% for the general category students and 40% for the SC and ST students. Candidates must pass the KCET examination with Mathematics and Physics as their main subjects.

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