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  • Engineering is one of the most noble professions in the world. Names like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and many more have been great engineers and they are continuing to transform the lives of billions of people around the world. In fact, India is known to be the land of some of the best engineers in the world. Our very own IIT alumni such as Sundar Pichai and Sathya Nadella are currently the CEOs and Chairmans of the world’s biggest tech companies, Google and Microsoft. And they have also gone through JEE and they have scored some of the best marks in their period of time.

  • If your ambition in life is to become a top engineer and change the world then JEE is the gateway to your dreams. By scoring the highest marks that you can possibly score, you will be able to join prestigious colleges and universities that will inculcate you with all the knowledge and training that is required to become a world class engineer. And the small price to pay to get to that renowned position is to work hard and score high during your JEE exams.

  • We’re here to help you with your dreams of becoming a top engineer. We do so with our highly-recognized and sought after JEE coaching.

Let us help you achieve the same

The JEE Courses The We Offer

We have divided the courses into different timelines for the convenience of students. Each course gets its own study material and catered specifically to fit that particular time frame. Nevertheless, every course is packed with all the necessary details to help you ace your exams. Here are the courses we offer.

2-Year Long Term Program

This program is offered to +1 or I PUC students. The course can be taken as a stand alone stream or it can be combined along with our integrated course of PUC, CET and JEE. Powered by a strict time schedule and multiple model tests, this 2-year program prepares students for all sorts of challenges they may face in their exam paper. All mock tests and course material is inline with the patterns of JEE and therefore, it is the ideal course to pursue to ace your JEE exams.

1-Year Long Term Program

This program is offered to +2 or II PUC students. Like the 2-year course, you can choose to take this program as a stand alone course or you can take it as part of our integrated course of PUC, CET and JEE. As we have only a year to get you up to the mark, this course is constructed to be very rigorous and intensive in nature. All material and mock tests follow the same pattern as per the JEE standards. You should consider this program today if you have already started your +2.

Crash Program

For those who did not have the time to be part of our 2-year and 1-year programs can opt for the time-bound crash program, which is highly intensive in nature, that starts right after your board exams and ends just before your JEE exams. Our primary focus during this program is to improve students’ performance based on the knowledge they already possess. There will be a long list of mock tests which will drill the students and test them in every manner to get them focused for the incoming challenge. And we ensure that we strictly follow the exam patterns of the main JEE exam.


You Can Learn It Online

Since 2020 we have seen the way our students were affected with this debilitating pandemic called Covid-19. That’s why we have ensured that all of our competitive and intensive programs have been adopted through online forums as well. We have crafted streamlined courses along with the latest technology to deliver the best courses, as they would experience in the live classrooms rooms. Students who are unable to travel or make it to the live sessions at the coaching centers can opt for a complete online training.

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Our Faculty

The name of the institute can become very shallow if it is not backed by strong faculty who know the ins and outs of the subjects they have mastered. At Giraffe Learning, we enrich our students with the help of alumni from IITs and IIMs who are extremely talented in what they do. In their professional careers as mentors, they have guided hundreds of students who have achieved mind-blowing results. So, we are content in stating that you are in safe hands and you will be tested by our veteran faculty to get the best out of you.

Here’s the faculty.

Why Giraffe?

For over two decades now, Giraffe learning had only one aim. To better the lives of students and help them get into the best institutes. And we employ multiple ways to achieve this and we have gone through extreme measures that each student we bring in has been given the appropriate attention.

That’s why our alumni have become part of prestigious institutions today and most of them have had successful careers. Some of our alumni are now top leaders in big technology firms around the world and they are enhancing the lives of thousands and millions.

Last but not the least, it is only because of our student-oriented efforts that we have managed to achieve prestigious awards from multiple recognized bodies as one of the best institutes. If this information does not give you the confidence then we urge you to reach out to us and have a conversation with our mentors face-to-face.

This is exactly why you should consider Giraffe.

Our Happy Students

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Got Questions?

The National Testing Agency conducts an online test called JEE Main every year for aspiring students who want to pursue bachelor’s or undergraduate in the engineering stream. It is considered one of the most important exams in India. For a student looking to join IITs, this exam is considered as the initial phase in the process. It is conducted twice in a year during the months of January and April. Students can choose when they want to appear for the exam or they can take both the exams if they wish to. The best of scores is considered by NTA as the final scoring and used for ranking.

Students who achieve exceptional scores in JEE Main get the opportunity to join reputed institutions such as IITs, NITs, CFITs and more. Over 2.5 lakh students are eligible to appear for JEE main exams each year. Let us help you ace this exam with our well defined courses.

Because it is a deciding factor when it comes to getting admission in some of the best colleges in India. The exam is highly competitive in nature with very tough questions from a vast syllabus. Students who are able to crack this exam are able to join top IITs and NITs and start their career in the best companies with some of the biggest pay packages.

You should prepare with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge to gain an understanding of the subjects faster and be able to apply them when you face critical questions in your examination. Only well versed mentors in each subject of JEE will be able to guide you through this approach.

Students or candidates will be eligible for appearing upto three consecutive years after they pass their 12th.

You need rigorous training that emphasises every lesson in each subject and also teaches you the various tricks & techniques that can help you crack the exam. Not knowing this information can create unnecessary stress and pressure.

We can help you with this preparation as our IIT and IIM alumnus will help take you through step by step.

The JEE mains have 90 questions in total with a total weightage of 300 marks. All the questions are MCQs.

You should get at least 80% in your JEE Main to be eligible for any of the IITs.

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