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1st PUC Computer Science syllabus

The computer Science 1st PUC course has been specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the students of the 1st PUC year of the Karnataka Board Examinations. The 1st PUC Computer Science syllabus covers 17 chapters starting from “Overview of a Computer” as the first chapter and “Web Designing” as the last chapter. It covers different concepts and elements from each chapter to ensure that the students understand the subject thoroughly and possess the potential to apply the concepts taught in practice. A thorough understanding of the syllabus can help the students score high marks and do well in the Karnataka Board Examinations.

KSEEB 1st PUC Computer Science Syllabus 2022-23: 

The Department of Pre-University Education releases the 1st PUC Computer Science syllabus for better exam preparation for the students. Students get a complete list of the topics covered in the blow up syllabus for 1st PUC Computer Science for a clear understanding.

The PUC 1st year computer science syllabus for the academic year 2022-23 is based on the guidelines of the Karnataka Board. The students must go through the syllabus for 1st PUC Computer Science to know more about the subjects covered along with the sub-topics.

The syllabus also gives students an idea of the unit names, the chapters under each unit and the subtopics under each chapter. It will also make them understand the exam pattern, unit-wise marks distribution and the paper structure.


If you want to succeed in your 1st PUC Board Examination in Karnataka, you need to download Karnataka Class 11 2022-23 reduced syllabus for Computer Science now at


1st PUC Computer Science syllabus goes like this:


Chapter 1: Overview of a Computer Quick Test

Chapter 2: Input, Output and Memory devices Quick Test

Chapter 3: Data Representation Quick Test

Chapter 4: Software Concepts Quick Test

Chapter-5: Problem Solving Methodology Quick Test

Chapter 6: Object-Oriented Concepts Quick Test

Chapter 7: Introduction to C++ Quick Test

Chapter 8: Data Types Quick Test

Chapter-9: Input and Output Operators Quick Test

Chapter 10: Control Statements Quick Test

Chapter-11: Arrays Quick Test

Chapter-12: Functions Quick Test

Chapter 13: User-Defined Functions Quick Test

Chapter 14: Structures Quick Test

Chapter 15: Word Processing Quick Test

Chapter-16: Spreadsheets Quick Test

Chapter 17: Web Designing


  1. How many chapters are there in Computer Science 1st PUC?

Computer Science 1st PUC syllabus covers a total of 17 chapters.

  1. Is Computer Science hard in class 11?

Computer Science in class 11 is a bit difficult as it is a new subject that also includes coding. It is always challenging to learn the basics of any subject, and within Computer Science as well, the students need to learn the basics right from the beginning, which can be a little difficult.

  1. What are the passing marks for computer science?

The passing mark for computer science is 33%, meaning students need to secure 33 out of 100 to pass in computer science.


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